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Making Perfect Nonsense Since 1985
Current Month
Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 02:28 pm The past month
Mood-o-meter: workingworking
The Past Month in Review
Also titled, Yes I am Getting Paid to Screw Around Right Now.

In the past month I have taken a liking to coffee.
In the past month someone has fallen madly in love with me.
In the past month I have stressed too much about school and about work.
In the past month my body has broken down.
In the past month I danced.
In the past month I fretted about what I have gotten myself into.
In the past month I stopped sleeping.
In the past month the women in the Howard family have unknowingly complimented me--

Babo knows me as the girl with the fire. That sounds so cool though in reality it is her way of remembering who I am, the girl with the house fire.
Mrs. Howard thinks I am better than a Catholic girl. If you know Mrs. Howard and her obsession with Catholicism my ability to transcend religion is the most flattering compliment I have ever received.

In the past month the whole howard family has made me feel like a true member of the family.
In the past month I got a tattoo.
In the past month it washed off.
In the past month I was kissed beneath "mistletoe".
In the past month I ate my first candy apple.
In the past month I lied.
In the past month I was the girl with the short skirt and the long jacket.
In the past month I was reprimanded by cops while eating fun dip.
In the past month I was too busy to feel the world changing around me.
In the past month I discovered and wrote a dissertation on the meaning of life.

And to any of you who, in the past month, I have not been able to keep up with, I am sorry. Life has been a bit crazy since I took to being a workaholic. Hopefully I will find time to bug you other than the middle of the night, but if I don't, never feel like you are being a hassle by calling or dropping a message. It is yet another reminder of how I need to change things in the upcoming semester (NEW JOBS!) At the very latest, I will be free for a month-ish over Christmas break. Over break I will finally get the chance to recharge and just do nothing. Everyone tells me I need it, but in all honesty I'm thriving on the no sleep nights and stressed out days. It has gotten to the point where in some sick way, I think I like it.

Until next time...
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Oct. 4th, 2005 @ 02:41 pm untitled
somedays i wonder why i put forth the effort. why did i get up this morning, why did i go to class, why didn't i punk out on work? the thoughts all crossed my mind. i just wanted to say no to today and yes to lounging around, but for some reason i did not. and putting forth the effort paid off. i am presently sitting at work sans Hong. I don't know where she is, her husband came looking for her so she should be here...but she is not. It is like a mini vacation. I am kicking back eating M&Ms and screwing around. No one is babysitting me and no one is giving me all the work she does not understand how to do.

on a related note, i turned in my application for the legislative internship program. as if i didn't want to work on the floor of the senate 3 days a week, i have to get out of here. that would be my free pass out of this office and into a more stressfree life. i am also going to talk to adam and see if a local representative he introduced me to would be interested in having an intern. (as a back up if i don't get the internship through UK) i decided last night that when i go, i am not going to just vanish and pretend like nothing was wrong. that will not fix the problem. when i put in my two weeks, i will sit down and talk to the director. i don't want to be bitchy, but i do want him to know what this job entailed. talking to hong will not do any good, she will probably just cry. but i cannot sit idly by while someone else fills this job of horror without trying to ease the suffering.

so the prospects of getting the hell out and my minivacation are making this day brighter. besides it is fall. fall is love. i never saw spring as beginnings, fall is. it is the beginning of school and of new friendships. it is the start of gathering together friends and blankets and hope so you can get through the winter that you are reminded grows ever closer as you see your breath on autumn nights. fall finds me outside because the world feels new again after the scathing summer. the grass is softer and the trees grow less inhibited

EDIT:well i shut this window in a hurry because she who ruins my life decided to come to work. that hour where she was there was the longest hour of my existence. i don't know how i will make it to december without blowing up, it gets harder and harder every day. oh well i am sleepy and i need to eat and prep for tutoring. so i will get back to you at another point in time.
Sep. 15th, 2005 @ 10:16 pm untitled
Mood-o-meter: accomplishedaccomplished
They guys at the boxing club keep calling me hillary... i am cool with that

until the 2008 election kicks into gear and by that point i insist on calling a hillary ceasefire.
hardcore boxing hillary swank-cool
coattail riding hillary clinton-not so much
if i had the funds, i would move to canada if she became president.

i do not have the funds, so the least i can do if that becomes an even pseudoreality is kick enough ass that i can be called by my own name.
By '08 i should be hardcore asskicking enough that i can manage that.

that is all.
Sep. 7th, 2005 @ 05:28 pm untitled
Mood-o-meter: blahblah
Your Fortune Is

Passionate kiss like spider web, soon lead to undoing of fly.

oh yeah
Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 10:24 pm untitled
Mood-o-meter: deviousdevious
So in my workaholic state I have resumed tutoring at the athletic office again. 8 hours a week, not including prep time for 4 different courses. that is not the point.

Right up there with my freakish love of politics, is my love of Rachelized revolutions and the challenges they present.
and how could i not see the comment that my "student athlete" hates his PS 101 class and therefore politics as a challenge.

oh yes boys it is on now. lord help us all if i have to introduce the UK basketball team to the Capitol Steps, because I'll do it.
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Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 02:05 am untitled
Mood-o-meter: thoughtfulthoughtful
its weird to think that some day i will be old.

some day people will be amazed that i was alive when the berlin wall fell. they will snicker to themselves, that i remember the 90s and still listen to the music. they won't know what is is or what hanging chads are. they will ask where i was when the two towers fell; biology class. i will tell them that when i started driving, gas was a dollar sixteen a gallon. hopefully they will be amazed that i even remember gas guzzling cars. they may've heard stories about reinquist or katrina or john paul II, then again those stories may've faded as time whizzed by.

some day i will be old and people will see me like i saw my grandfather when he talked about the beaches of normandy. they will be amazed at all that has happened since i was born so many years ago. it will be weird, but i think i might like it.

*feel free to post your thoughts on this if it strikes you. this is something i contemplate every so often and certainly when something monumental happens. sorry about the substandard writing, this was a pseudo-stream of rachelthought and as such i like to alter it as little as possible.

goodnight all,
Aug. 30th, 2005 @ 02:47 pm untitled
Mood-o-meter: predatorypredatory
In other news, i think i have given up kickboxing.

too much bouncing, not enough technique.

definetly not enough potential for violence.

all i am asking is for a little ass kicking to beat up the stresses of the day. is a little spearthrowing or longbow too much to ask?

oh but new opportunity glimmers in the form of a paper on the classroom building door.

Monday through Thursday

i might just be home.
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Aug. 29th, 2005 @ 05:13 pm untitled
Mood-o-meter: coldcold
La dee da. Life is going well, as it is wont to do.

I am in love with my classes. Minus the whole book buying process, they have been stimulating and entertaining. My teachers are either really young and cool or old and quirky. I dig that, college teachers should all be like this.

Kickboxing starts tonight at 8pm. I am so pumped! You have no idea. Maybe it will relieve some job related stress.

I think I am getting to be a bit too anxious. I worry about things like the time and forgetting to do stuff and probably worst of all I fret that the people I care about are bothered by my existence. I really need to chill out, not entirely because I need to be productive, but I think this whole workaholic thing has worn on me.

WEEDS! little boxes made of ticky tack woo hoo!

Now I must go eat dinner so I have enough energy to kickbox!

PS-my nerdiness does not escape my extended family in the slightest. my uncle david is under the impression that i need to get out more because i "urge compromise" in regards to dinner and my uncle ted brings me books about why societies collapse or succeed. (which i am excited to read) the latter uncle is secretly jealous that his daughter is not at all like me. i mean really, this man could relate when i reference graphing the polls each week during the 2004 election; he referred to it as his 1968.
oh yeah
Aug. 24th, 2005 @ 02:10 am my summer or how i became a workaholic
Mood-o-meter: refreshedrefreshed
Hark! What's that I hear?: The Eagles (on my record player!)
so the summer is drawing to a close and my journaling/computer time is soon to increase tenfold. for some reason the freedom summer elicits inhibits my desire to be online. to make up for lost time, here is a summary of the past few months.

my summer vacation OR how i became a workaholicCollapse )
Jul. 28th, 2005 @ 03:40 pm untitled
hey everyone. i will probably be having a "gathering" of sorts sometime next week (tuesday or thursday methinks). i don't yet have details but i figured i would leave a heads up.

my friends have all gotten me into the love of themed parties. (barnett's gangster night, chad's masquerades, john's lounge/mythology parties...LOVE THEM) so methinks i should have a themed party. not sure what yet and i am totally willing to entertain ideas.

if you would like details as they flesh out, let me know.

gotta go-at work.